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Class of 2020 Something

Period One ft. Naomi Accardi

For the past 5 Months The Creative Kids team has been working with a variety of our collaborators and friends to bring our first live event series together. Core to our mission is providing young creatives with opportunities to strengthen and share their craft, through our new initiative Class of 2020 Something we can’t wait to do this in a new way.

Class of 2020 Something is an invitational workshop series for creative youth hosted in collaboration with professionals working within the creative industries featuring guided presentations and discussions about breaking into the industry. Featuring small classes of 30, through our programming we aim to create an intimate space for young creators to learn together.

In the first ”period” of this series we meet creative superstar Naomi Accardi to learn about her journey as a professional through an interactive presentation.

Naomi Accardi is a multi-hyphenated creative and editorial consultant with a strong background in brand marketing strategy and visual communications.

With a special focus on the social and cultural connotation of sport and its influence on fashion and art, her work revolves around creating purposeful content engineered to unearth, elevate and connect the stories of remarkable individuals to brands and platforms worldwide.

Most recently she took on the role as Marketing Director at Italian fashion brand Sunnei while continuing her personal research in sports, culture and social issues.

Join in on the program through a live discussion to ask Naomi questions and to learn more about the specifics of life as a creative professional .


Live Online @2PM EST

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